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ARENA K500 Anzeige

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K500 Power Control System - Display Unit 19", 2HE
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ARENA K500 Anzeige
K-500 supplies : • protection of venue against power failure • protection of equipment against overvoltage / undervoltage With this K500 system it is possible to monitor a lighting system from one or serveral points. All three voltages and currents of three phase distribution are measured. In addition, a rough power rating is calculated from the current values and displayed in kW. Several measurements can be combined at different three-phase current connections. The different phase relations will be sorted automatically, they will allocate correctly by the system. An error LED shows all faults occureing while connected to mains. Possible errors are overvoltage, undervoltage, rotating field Technical data Anzeige K-500: • Max. displayed voltage: 500 V • Max. displayed current: 999 A • Max. displayed electrical power: 999 kW • Case: 19" 2 HE • Assembly depth: 5 cm • connection: 5 Pol XLR phantom powered


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