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Martin DJ Mania DC-1

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    6.500 кг

A light fixture that projects brilliant decorative water effects. Ideal for shows, clubs or simply your own personal party, the Mania DC1 will wash liquid light through the crowd, the lounge, across walls and over bars.

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Осветление, дискотечен светлинен ефект
Осветление, дискотечен светлинен ефект

With three selectable colors plus white, the DC1 gives you split color options for a truly awesome mix. A variable focus also allows you to frost and blur the projected image while a variable speed of effect gives you the option of ranging moods - from a silent trickle to a surging waterfall.

Best of all is the Mania DC1’s incredible capacity for stamina. Unlike most lighting fixtures on the market the DC1 has no duty cycle, which means there are no cool down periods and no stopping the show. Why bother with decorative lighting that needs to be shut down every 15 minutes leaving holes in your decor? Like the crowd, the Mania DC1 doesn’t need to rest, so you can keep it shining all night!

• 100 W halogen lamp

• 800 hour lamp included

• 3 selectable colors plus open and split color option

• Manual focus

• 53° spread angle

• Rotating pattern glass for aquatic decoration effects

• All major safety approvals CE, ETL and CETL

• Rigorously tested for total reliability

• Variable focus, variable effect rotation speed and rotating direction control and color changing on/off

• Continuous operation - no cool down time needed

• Length: 312 mm (12.3 in.)
• Width: 250 mm (9.8 in.)
• Height: 142 mm (5.6 in.)
• Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs.)

Type: 100 W EFP halogen

• Philips EFP 8H 100 W 12 V (800 hrs.)
• Osram 64 627 HLX 100W 12V GZ6,35 (600 hrs.)
• Osram 64 637 12 V 100 W, GY 6,35 EFP Longlife (1500 hrs.)
• Socket: GZ 6.35

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