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Mapex MA529SF BAW

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    MA529SF BAW
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    29.000 кг

Барабанен комплект - Shell Pack - Mars • 5 Piece Rock Shell Pack • Finish: Bonewood (BAW) with black fittings

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• The Mars Series Shell Pack offers 100% Birch, shallow depth shells with the new SONIClear(TM) bearing edge, producing a fast, clear tone with a quick rebound. The Mars Series “Rock” Shell Pack features sizes that can span a wide range of playing styles.
• This configuration offers a blend of power and versatility well-suited for the drummer needing a portable, great sounding kit.


• The Birch 6Ply 7.2mm shell, with the new SONIClear(TM) Bearing Edge, allows for the direct transmission of sound, reduces unwanted frequencies and provides a strong fundamental pitch and an effortless tuning experience especially at lower tunings.
• This 5-piece shell pack includes 10”and 12” mounted rack toms, 16” floor tom, 14” snare drum and a 22”x18” kick.
• The SONIClear(TM) tom suspension and floor tom feet increase overall resonance by preserving vibration in the shell and keeping stress away from the tension rods, helping the heads stay in tune.


• Shell Pack: BD2218, TT1007, TT1208, FT1614, SD1465, TH676
• 6 Ply Birch
• SONIClear(TM) Edge
• Deep, Balanced and Responsive
• Bonewood
• black plated
• SONIClear(TM) Tom Suspension
• MyDentity Lug
• SONIClear(TM) Floor Tom Legs
• Matching Snare Drum


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