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Отстъпка: 325.00лв. (5.00%)
  • Код:
    DTX760K KIT
  • Тегло:
    35.000 кг

Пълен комплект Електрони Барабани с вкл.DTX700 модул + DTP904 + DTP903 + RS700

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This kit provides greater freedom in setting and a realistic drumming experience. Not only can you perform using the high-quality internal sounds, you can also connect to a computer for use as the optimal VST instrument controller.

The DTX760K offers drummers the benefits and luxury of using all 3-zone DTX-PADs in a more affordable kit. Utilizing the same real hi-hat controller, and large 3-zone choke-able cymbals as the 900 series, this configuration provides a realistic and comfortable feel around the entire instrument. The hi-hat and snare stand are included, so you can ideally position them as you please, and the kit can be expanded with up to two additional pads.

• Module: DTX700
• Snare: XP120SD + SS662
• Tom1, 2: XP100T x 2
• Floor Tom: XP120T
• Crash Cymbal1, 2: PCY135 x 2
• Ride Cymbal: PCY155
• Hi-Hat: RHH135 + HS740A
• Kick: KP100
• Rack: RS700

Hi-Hat With Real Playability
This full-fledged hi-hat system consists of a pad that sets onto the supplied hi-hat stand—the same type of stand typically used in an acoustic drum kit. This hi-hat pad system can play both open and closed sounds as well as a foot splash. it also uses a 2-zone design consisting of edge and bow sections, which add to its realistic feel and playability.

Import Original Voices Via The USB Jack
Using a USB memory device, it’s easy to import your favorite voices (WAV/AIFF) into the DTX700. Once in the device you can edit and assign the voices to pads to create your own, original drum kit.

Use for Recording Or Music Production
The DTX700 easily connects to a computer via a USB cable (sold separately) making it a great for recording MIDI data into a DAW or for playing a VST sound source. Steinberg’s Cubase AI is included with the kit so you can start creating music right away.