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HED Audio MA-130W/100V-TUB (LT)

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Миксер усилвател 130W / 100V с AM / FM тунер USB и Bluetooth плеър

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3 microphone and 2 auxiliary inputs; 1 aux out.
100V, 70V and 4-16 Ohms transformer-isolated speaker outputs.
Automatic mute function, useful for paging and announcements.
MIC1 takes priority over and mutes all other inputs. The mute may be adjusted with the "MUTE" sensitivity control knob on the rear panel. The factory setting is -30dB.
Independent gain controls.
Separate bass and treble tone controls.
5-element LED level meter makes it easy to view the output level.
Output short circuit protection and warning
AM/FM Tuner
USB & Bluetooth player
4-tone chime prompt tone

Technical Specifications:
Rated Power: 360 W / 100V
Speaker Output: Balanced 4-16 Ohms; 70V, 100V transformer isolated
Auxiliary Output 600 Ohms, 1V (0dBV)
MIC Inputs: MIC1, 2, 3 : 600 Ohms, 2.0mV (-54dB), unbalanced
AUX Inputs: AUX1, 2: 10k Ohms, 150mV (-17dB), unbalanced
Frequency response: 60Hz – 15 kHz
THD: <0,5% at 1kHz, 1/3 rated power
S/N Ratio: >73dB

FM Frequency band: 87.00MHz-108MHz
AM Frequency band: 522KHz-1611KHz

MP3 Player:
Supports FAT16 and FAT32
Supports VFAT
Supports max. 99 folderes and 9999 playable items in each folder
Playable folder hiearchy is up to 8 layers, including the root directory
Supported files: *.mp1, *.mp2 and *.mp3
Supported bit rates 8 to 320 kbps and VBR
Supported sample rates: 8; 11.025; 12; 16; 22.05; 24; 32 and 48kHz

Protection: AC Fuse, DC voltage, overload, and short circuit
Mute Function: MIC1 mutes all other inputs with 0-30dB attenuation
Dimensions (H x W x D): 89 x 483 x 366 mm
Net Weight: 11.36 kg

* USB флаш устройството не е включено в доставката


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