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Цена: 2,004.34лв.
  • Код:
    SUB 115
  • Тегло:
    34.000 кг

15'' Passive Subwoofer, 800W, 8Ohm

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DYNACORD SUB 115 > Пасивни субвуфери > субвуфериDYNACORD SUB 115 > Пасивни субвуфери > субвуфери

DYNACORD's SUB 115 is a vented direct radiating cabinet, equipped with the high-power Electro-Voice EVS15S transducer. The new High-Speed-Laminar-Vent system (patent pending) shows signifi cantly less distortion and lower air noise at low frequencies than common vented cabinets. The SUB 115 has the same dimensions and cosmetics as the powered PowerSub 315 and can directly be connected to the PowerSub 315 for an extended bass fundament. For this application you have to shift the PowerSub 315’s ‘MODE SWITCH’ to the position ‘INTERNAL+EXTERNAL 2*500W’.The SUB 115 contains a passive filter that suppresses high frequencies. Appropriate fullrange cabinets, e.g. DYNACORD’s D12, can therefore be directly connected in parallel to the SUB 115 if an extended bass reproduction is required. You just have to connect the SUB 115 and the fullrange cabinet with a regular Speakon cable. The cabinet is equipped with an electronic circuit called VOICE COIL TRACKING PROTECTION. This circuit senses the terminal voltage of the transducer and simulates the thermal behaviour of the woofer's voice coil. In case of potential thermal overload the power applied to the speaker is reduced to a safe level. Extremely powerful amps can be used in order to have maximum dynamic range without the danger of thermal overload in non-controlled situations. The VOICE COIL TRACKING PROTECTION exhibits soft switching characteristics, so no annoying clicks or pops are audible. The circuitry automatically resets after the voice coil temperature has reached a safe value.

Cabinet: Subwoofer
Configuration: Built -InHi-Cut Filter
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms
Rated power RMS: 400 Watts
Program power: 800 Watts
Peak power: 1600 Watts