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Цена: 1,370.64лв.
  • Код:
    EW 152 G3-C
  • Тегло:
    1.400 кг

UHF Wireless System with Bodypack (SK 100 G3) and ME 3 electret Headset microphone cardioid,

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  SENNHEISER EW 152 G3-C > Безжичен  микрофон тип
  SENNHEISER EW 152 G3-C > Безжичен  микрофон тип "брошка"

9,5" receiver (EM 100 G3), 1680 adjustable frequencies in 42 MHz, 20 banks with each up to 12 presets, audio range 25 - 18.000 Hz, Infrared frequency transmission, pocket transmitter with charger contats for optional Accu BA 2015 (NiMH), pilottone, autotune to find free frequencies, internal EQ, internal guitar tuner, guitar cable Emulator to simulate the sound of a cable, Audio Gain over 60 dB range, Soundcheck-Mode, Batterypower on receiver and transmitter, HDX-Compander, frequencyrange C-Band 734 -776 MHz, LCD Display with NF and Channel, 30mW HF power, 2 BNC antenna connections, XLR-Male balanced and jack unbalanced, incl. powersupply NT2 and 2x AA-batteries