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Цена: 2,738.94лв.
  • Код:
    500-965 G3-E
  • Тегло:
    1.500 кг

UHF-Set: SKM 500-965 G3 handheld transmitter with charger contats for optional Accu BA 2015 (NiMH),

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Безжичен микрофон , Безжични вокални микрофони

real condensator with switchable characteristic cardioid/super cardioid, 1680 adjustable frequencies in 42 MHz, 20 banks with each up to 32 presets + 1 free preset, audio range 80 - 18.000 Hz, Infrared frequency transmission, pilottone, autotune to find free frequencies, internal EQ, internal guitar tuner, Audio Gain over 48 dB range, Soundcheck-Mode, battery information on receiver and transmitter, HDX-Compander, frequencyrange D-Band 780 - 822 MHz, LCD Display with NF and Channel, switchable HF power 10/30 mW, 2 BNC antenna connections, XLR-Male balanced and Ethernet port, incl. powersupply NT2, clamp NZQ 100 and 2x AA-batteries