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Martin Atomic MPU-02

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    1.640 кг

Powering up the Atomic Colors, we are pleased to introduce the MPU-02 power supply, which is easily attached, truss mountable and usage for most voltages world-wide.

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The MPU-02 is a small, compact unit that powers two Atomic Colors. It has an XLR-5 connector for DMX input and an XLR-4 connector for the combined power/data output to the color scroller(s).

We suggest 75 Mtr maximum loop length from experience and performance, but the lengths should be calculated acc to voltage drop, cable resistance, connections and the speed the scroller is used at. The cable must be a dedicated color scroller cable, XRL 4 pin with app. 110 ohm resistance.

• IEC input

• 120-240 V AC 50/60 Hz

• XLR-4 output

• DMX-USITT 1990 protocol

• Opto isolated

• Short Circuit protection

• LED status

• Truss mountable

• Approved design standards: CE, UL,CSA

• Dimensions (L x W x H): 190 x145x90 mm /7.5x5.7x3.5i
• Weight: 0.75 Kg / 1.64 lbs