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Pangolin LD2000 Pro

Цена: 9,561.32лв.
  • Код:
    LD2000 Pro
  • Тегло:
    2.000 кг

The ultimate laser show software incl. controller.

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Six-channel analog PCAOM color for 1 trillion hues. 3D database objects which can rotate in 3D perspective. 32 tracks. Create shows for up to 30 separate projectors (by adding up to 29 additional QM2000 boards). Includes Abstract Generator, Beam Brush, raster and vector-oriented frames. LD2000 Pro also includes LivePRO, Lasershow Converter 4D ,Lasershow Converter FLASH and TraceIT. LD2000 Pro includes one QM2000 board, which fits in a half-length (7") PCI bus slot. The LD2000 software comes on a CD/DVD-ROM which includes clip art frames and over 100 modules (song-length shows). 50-page illustrated installation manual and Tutorial DVD are also included.