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Pangolin LD2000 Intro

Цена: 2,861.70лв.
  • Код:
    LD2000 Intro
  • Тегло:
    1.500 кг

Excellent introductory-level software. Plays and edits any show created on LD2000 Pro and LD2000 Basic, or create your own simple shows.

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A low-cost solution for discos, theme parks, etc. to run shows created by others and to do basic creation.

LD2000 Intro is the lowest-cost, yet it still has a lot of power. You can create frames and shows with Intro. However, the frames will be flat (2D), and the Abstract Generator has only one oscillator. When making a show, you can only work with 8 tracks, and there are fewer effects such as morphing. Still, for many simple uses, Intro is more than capable of doing high-quality shows.
Intro systems are often used as "slaves" for running multiple scanner heads. Intro systems also are ideal for playback-only applications, since they can play back any show created on any version: Pro, Basic or Intro.