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ARENA K500 Messeeinheit

Цена: 1,563.10лв.
  • Код:
    602D (K)
  • Тегло:
    9.000 кг
K500 Power Control System - Main Мeasurement Unit 19", 2HE
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ARENA 602D (K)
ARENA 602D (K)
K-500 supplies : • protection of venue against power failure • protection of equipment against overvoltage / undervoltage The measurement system K500 is to replace the old, stationary analog measurement. It is more accurate and cheaper than conventional measurement devices, mechanically solid and suitable as a multiple measurement system by combination. Small as well as large systems can be fully monitored thereby preventing dangerous situations. The resistance to danger also relates to the equipment as well as bad planning, misjudgements and other eventualities with enerygy distribution of stage. Technical data Mess K-500: • Galvanic disconnection during all measurments • Voltage: 500 V eff +- 5% • Current: 350 A (500 A) eff +- 5% • Case: 19" 2 HE 6 kg • Assembly depth: 25 cm