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B&K Braun GLP LSC-3000 Basic

Цена: 813.81лв.
  • Код:
    LSC-3000 Basic
  • Тегло:
    2.000 кг

Lighting Control Software + 3D real time Software

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B&K Braun GLP LSC-3000 Basic
B&K Braun GLP LSC-3000 Basic

The package contains the famous intelligent USB-DMX interface and a CDROM with 4 fantastic software tools : LSC 3000, Easy View 3000, Scan Library 3000 and Easy Stand Alone 3000.

LSC 3000
The new experience in lighting control and Windows latest technology for optimal friendly use. This lighting control software outshines most of the consoles available on the market. (drag&drop, customized slider, manual fader into buttons and into output windows, multi-page and merge capacities, 16bits vectorial motion, ScanLibrary 3000 editor ...)

Easy View 3000
This „3D real time“ simulation allows to visualize stage and lights simultaneously. Thanks to this new tool, LSC 3000 acquires an additional dimension by visualizing stage and lights simultaneously in real time. The libraries (Scan Library 3000) allow users to realistically paint intelligent light-beams and major effects : Color, Dimmer, Iris, Strobe, Stagevisualization is made more realistic via a 3D objectlibrary.

Scan Library 3000
This is a new generation to define an intelligent light. With “Scan Library 3000”, building up a library is quicker and easier. Furthermore, the editor allows users to easily materialize the effects contained in intelligent lights. The Scanlibrary already includes the definition of the 400 most popular moving lights as well as allowing the creation of personalized files.

Easy Stand Alone 3000
This software has been designed for basic easy applications which may also be used for programming stand alone mode. “Easy Stand Alone” is the ideal controller for users mainly seeking total easiness.

The intelligent USB-DMX interface range
The electronic interface uses the best of presentday technology: a compact shock-proof box with a new look works with, or without, any computer, USB port, 512 DMX channels.