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LDR Rima S500 F PRO

Цена: 212.71лв.
Каталожна цена: 223.91лв.
Отстъпка: 11.20лв. (5.00%)
  • Код:
    S500 F PRO
  • Тегло:
    1.000 кг

The PRO version of the RIMA symmetrical flood, while featuring the same optical and mechanical specifications of the standard version, comes complete with microswitch interlock for lamp safe replacement ad a front safety glass.

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LDR Rima S500 F PRO
LDR Rima S500 F PRO

A colour frame and 1.5m mains cable are included as standard delivery. All accessories also available in white and silver..

Available to special order with extended front chassis for longer gel life.


• Beam style: symmetric flood

• Suitable for: small-scale theatre, general floodlighting

• Specification level: professional range

• Typical throw distance: 2 - 5m

• Max. Lamp Watts: 500W

• Lamp base: R7s

• Auto-disconnect: single-pole microswitch

• Cable/connection: 1.5m, 3 x 1.5mm2 flexible cable to bare ends

• Paint/Finish: black/silver/white epoxy powder paint

• Lamp House: Construction 1-compartment. A full range of units and accessories for multiple row general floodlighting is available to separate order

• Reflector: symmetrical, aluminium

• Filter cut size: 244 x 195mm

• Accessory runners: 3 slots

• Safety glass: supplied

• Colour frame: metal, 244 x 195mm supplied

• Lamp access: front access

• Working position: max. tilting ±180 ° from vertical

• Positional adjustment: tilt lock on one side

• Mounting & suspension: steel stirrup with 12mm centre hole and DIN mounting


• Dimensions: 300 x 105 x 242mm

• Weight/Packed weight: 2,6kg / 3,1kg

• Packed volume: 0.017m3