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Martin DJ Ego X4

Каталожна цена:446.65лв.
Отстъпка:22.33лв. (5.00%)
Тегло: 3.800 кг
Код: X4

This highly individual 250-watt effect light houses a combined color/gobo wheel and features new radical gobo designs unlike any other effect light. Top quality projection optics combined with a precise manual focus adjustment produces extremely sharp, detailed projections.

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Besides the benefits of customized DMX control, the ego X4 can operate in either auto or music trig mode. In trig mode variable behavior tuning allows DJs to adjust how aggressively the effect reacts to music. A remote control is also available and the ego X4 comes with spectacular macros included for fast programming and demonstrations as standard.

A powerful 250-watt, 1000-hour halogen lamp combined with a bidirectional parabolic reflector, (with highly reflective mirrors), gives exceptionally bright projection

• Superior decoration and projection effects

• 24V/250W long life lamp (1000h) included

• Totally DMX controllable

• Razor Sharp Output

• New larger gobo design for crisper image

• Front coated mirror reflector

• Stand alone with selectable auto or music triggers

• Precise focus adjustment

• Spectacular macros included for fast programming and demonstrations

• Software upload via DMX link for future improvements

• Easy handling (only 4 kg!)

Physical: (Without bracket)
• Length: 305 mm (12.0. in.)
• Width: 324 mm (12.8 in.)
• Height: 150 mm (5.9 in.)
• Weight: 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs.)

Type: 250 W, 24 V ELC halogen

• Philips ELC/10H, 24 V / 250 W, 1000 hour halogen lamp (Fitted as standart)
• Osram ELC-7/X, 24 V / 250 W, 700 hour halogen lamp
• Philips ELC/5H, 24 V / 250 W, 500 hour halogen lamp
• Osram ELC, 24 V / 250 W, 50 hour halogen lamp


Proel HPC210

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Ефект за китара и бас , Мултиефект процесор за китара


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Каталожна цена:145.95лв.
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