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PR Lighting PR-222R

Каталожна цена:445.12лв.
Отстъпка:22.26лв. (5.00%)
Тегло: 10.000 кг
Код: PR-222R

Planet MSD 250. The PLANET features 11 colours and 11 gobos, and an independent adjustable strobe/shutter. It can be setup easily with the touch-switches and a digital display screen

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The PLANET is an innovative projector with an elegant housing made from high intensity and heat–resistant complex plastic which has various colors for your selection. The PLANET
complies to CE norms and standards and uses international protocol DMX-512. The PLANET may be controlled by sound, auto programmes having been set or a controller, and it may be
used as a stand-alone unit, linked with each other for multi-units synchronously running, or linked to a controller, so it is suitable for many different applications.

• 11 Dichroic colours plus white and rainbow effect

• 11 gobos plus clear

• Shutter for blackout and strobe 1 – 7 F.P.S.

• Beam coverage: 8.5°

• Signal: Standard DMX 512

• Channels: 6 channels

• Control mode: Sound activation, Auto programmes, Controller

• Running mode: Stand-Alone mode, Master/Slave synchro mode, Controller mode

• Pan movement 264°/ Tilt movement in both directions

• Lamp: MSD 250W discharge lamp

• Power consumption: 300W

• Power supply: AC230V/50Hz

• Dimensions: L 520mm x W 240mm x H 210mm

• Net weight: 10kg

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