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Martin DJ Mania SCX600

Тегло: 12.300 кг
Код: SCX600

Powerful 250 W halogen scanner with the highest quality optical system for maximum light output and true high-definition image quality.

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Graphically, separate color and gobo wheels create a multitude of brilliant effects. Included are two interchangeable rotating glass gobos and 5 interchangeable rotating metal gobos along with 9 interchangeable colors and a split color feature for added color capability. What's more, an additional 8 metal gobos are included for maximum image flexibility.

The Mania SCX600 is exceptionally fast with instant movement. It also includes a separate shutter for fast strobe effects.

Designed for both installation and portable use, this compact and versatile scanner includes a number of mounting options yet is durable enough for life on the road. It is DMX controllable for ultimate manageability or use the music trigger or stand-alone operation. Built in macros are included for easy impression and fast and simple programming.

Combine the superior quality of the Mania brand with the unmatched value of a long life halogen lamp (1000 hours, included) and users will experience incredible savings over other lights in its class. And for easy serviceability, the lamp in the SCX600 is a breeze to replace.

• 250 W halogen lamp

• 1000 hour lamp included

• 9 interchangeable colors plus open

• Manual focus

• 7 interchangeable rotating gobos plus open (2 glass 5 metal)

• Separate shutter for strobe effect

• High-speed mirror

• All major safety approvals CE, ETL and CETL

• DMX, stand alone (music or auto-trig) and master/slave function

• Continuous operation - no cool down time needed

• 12 effect plus 12 pan/tilt pre-programmed macros for fast start-up

• Length: 525 mm (20.7 in.)
• Width: 240 mm (9.4 in.)
• Height: 203 mm (8.0 in.)
• Height: 408 mm (16.1 in.) including bracket
• Weight: 12.3 kg (27.1 lbs.) including bracket

Type: 250 W, 24 V ELC halogen

• Philips ELC 10H 250 W (1000 hrs.)


Proel HPC210

Proel HPC210

Ефект за китара и бас , Мултиефект процесор за китара


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