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Mapex MP5255 SQ

Тегло: 29.000 кг
Код: MP5255 SQ

Drum Kit - Meridian Maple series • 5 piece • Standard • Color: Cobalt Burst

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• 7-ply all maple, 5.8mm toms and snares, 7.2mm bass drum
• Newly Engineered Isolated Tom Mount System (ITS)
• Redesigned lug with smaller footprint for lower overall mass
• 2.3mm Mapex Powerhoops
• Spring-cushioned floor tom legs
• Eight coat, hand-sanded, high gloss lacquer finish
• Redesigned Bass drum tom mount with and built-in adapter for optional boom arm
• Low-profile, recessed bass drum claws with cushioning gasket
• Remo® UT Pinstripe heads on toms only


Bass Drum: 22 x 18
Tom Tom: 12 x 9
Tom Tom: 13 x 10
Floor Tom: 16 x 16
Snare Drum: 14 x 5.5


Tom Holder: TH676
Cymbal Stand: C700
Boom Stand: B700
Snare Stand: S700
Hi-Hat Stand: H700
Bass Drum Pedal: P700

NOTE: This image only illustrates the drum kit. For detailed visual information of real colour and configuration please see the catalogue or visit the web site of the manufacturer.


Proel HPC210

Proel HPC210

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Каталожна цена:145.95лв.
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