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Каталожна цена:457.67лв.
Отстъпка:22.88лв. (5.00%)
Тегло: 4.500 кг
Код: DD-65

"The perfect all-in-one mini drum kit solution". Designed from a drummer's point of view. Play along with your favorite music!

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• 8 touch-sensitive drum pads in an easy-playing layout allow for expressive drumming • 2 assignable foot pedals included for kick, hi-hat or any other Voice • Compact & portable design with battery operation allows you to play anywhere you want • Headphone jack allows you to play anytime you want • AUX IN jack for connecting and playing along with your favorite music • 570 Voices assignable to any pad • Hand Percussion Mode • 105 built-in Songs for learning and playing along with • 75 programmed Drum Kits + 10 Custom Kits • 32-note polyphony • Stereo speakers with bass port provide great sound quality • Reverb and Master EQ • Sensitivity adjustment for individual pads and bass pedal • Record your own Songs (up to 5 in memory at one time) • MIDI IN/OUT
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