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Alesis DM8 USB KIT

Alesis DM8 USB KIT

Каталожна цена:1,309.62лв.
Отстъпка:65.48лв. (5.00%)
Тегло: 28.000 кг

E-Drum Kit, DM8 high-definition drum module with over 750 Dynamic Articulation sounds,

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Low-noise, natural-feeling rubber pads: dual-zone Snare with rimshot and three Toms with natural feel, Large Kick works with single and double pedals, Large dual-zone Ride with bell and bow, Crash with choke, and Hi-Hat with continuous-control pedal, DMRack with four-post design, wingbolt-adjustable clamps, and mini-boom cymbal arms, Premium instrument library multi-sampled from real drums and cymbals, Play along with tracks and record yourself with the three-part sequencer, Mix input for practicing with external music players, USB-enabled for tracking and programming with virtually all music software,

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