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Тегло: 8.500 кг
Код: PLE-1MA060-EU

Plena Mixer Amplifier 60W 100V

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These Plena mixer amplifiers are high performance, professional public address units with modern state of the art features. They are easy to use, taking the complexity away from the user and putting it where it belongs, inside the equipment. Providing a crisp call or clear music is as easy as turning on the radio.
The amplifier is also surprisingly affordable, without sacrificing features such as ducking, priority and flexibility.

4 microphone/line inputs, plus 3 music source inputs
100 V and telephone input with priority & VOX
Announcement only output, 3-wire volume override
Voice-activated emergency override
Wide range of power (30, 60 and 120 Watts)
2-tone chime
Outputs for line out and music only out
Unique easy-to-use intuitive tone controls

Mic/Line inputs 4x
Input 1 (Push-to-talk contact with ducking functionality)
5-pin Euro style, balanced, phantom & 3-pin XLR, balanced, phantom
Input 2-4 (VOX with ducking functionality on input 2)
3-pin XLR, balanced, phantom
Sensitivity 1 mV (mic); 200 mV (line)
Impedance >1 kOhm (mic); >5 kOhm (line)
Dynamic range 93 dB
S/N (flat at max volume) >63 dB (mic); >70 dB (line)
CMRR (mic) >40 dB (50 Hz to 20 kHz)
Phantom power supply 16 V via 1.2 kOhm (mic)
VOX (input 1 & 2) attack time 150 ms; release time 2s

Music inputs 3x
Connector Cinch, stereo converted to mono
Sensitivity 200 mV; Impedance 22 kOhm
S/N (flat at max volume) >70 dB

Rated power: 60W

Dimensions (H x W x D): 100 x 430 x 270 mm, 2HU
Net Weight: 8.5 kg
Colour: Charcoal

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