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Тегло: 20.000 кг
Код: K1800FX

Ultra-Flexible 180-Watt, 4-Channel PA System / Keyboard Amplifier with FX and FBQ Feedback Detection

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Ultra-flexible 180-Watt 4-channel PA System / Keyboard Amplifier
Powerful 12' BUGERA woofer and custom-made 1' driver for ultimate sound reproduction
Integrated 24-bit digital FX processor with 100 awesome presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects
Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals critical frequencies
Full 4-channel stereo operation with separate Volume and FX Send per channel
Additional XLR mic input on Channel 1 for direct connection of dynamic microphones
Dedicated 7-band graphic EQ for awesome sound shaping
Balanced stereo XLR DI with Ground Lift switch for direct connection to your mixing console
Main section with FX Return level, Master Volume, Phones level and Shape switch
Link output allows linking to a slave amplifier for true stereo operation
Subwoofer output for ultimate low-end power
CD input allows you to play along to your favorite music
Separate headphone output—perfect for quiet practicing
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life


Proel HPC210

Proel HPC210

Ефект за китара и бас , Мултиефект процесор за китара


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Каталожна цена:145.95лв.
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Hohner Alabama Blues C-major

Hohner Alabama Blues C-major

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