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Каталожна цена:3,192.22лв.
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Тегло: 8.500 кг
Код: PSR-A300

The sound you want, anywhere you take it

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The PSR-A3000 is equipped with Joystick for intuitive control of your performance and gives you real expressive sound. It also supports Yamaha Expansion Manager for Voice creation feature from your recorded sample and Expansion contents arrangement. • 997 Voices, 58 Drum/SFX kits, and 480 XG voices. Including 171 Oriental Voices and 25 Oriental Kits. • 107 Super Articulation Voices, including Oriental Super Articulation Voices. • 400 preset Styles, including all-new DJ Styles and Oriental Styles. • Assignable joystick for more dynamic live performance. Assign combination of parameters such as • Filter, and Style Track muting. • Scale Tuning and Scale Setting Buttons support any type of tuning. • New Arpeggio function gives you instant access to a library of phrases. • Time stretch, pitch shift, and vocal cancel function are added to USB audio playback. • Re-design of sound system with new speaker enclosure, new Master EQ and Master Comp. function brings you powerful sound. • Various effects, including Real Distortion and Real Reverb, can be applied to your performance. • Drum Setup function in Style Creator for editing the Drum kit for Style Performance Features Joystick & Live Control function PSR-A3000 is equipped with a joystick which provides intuitive control of pitch and modulation. Now you can play with rapid trills, dynamic pitch bends and finely-nuanced modulation all from a single, easily-configured, controller. In addition to essential parameters such as Pitch Bend and Modulation, other features such as Filter, Style Track-Mute and more can be assigned and changed in an instant, making it really easy to add a unique flair to your performance!

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