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Тегло: 3.000 кг
Код: FBQ6200

Ultra-Musical 31-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer with FBQ Feedback Detection System, Dedicated Limiters per Channel and Pink Noise Generator

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Professional 31-band stereo Graphic Equalizer for both live and studio applications
Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals critical frequencies and can also be used as Audio Analyzer
Dedicated limiters with gain reduction meters for each channel protect your sound system from overload and distortion
Pink noise generator provides test signals for equalizing your sound system to any room acoustics
Mono subwoofer output with dedicated level control and adjustable crossover frequency
Additional sweepable high and low cut filters for each channel remove unwanted frequencies e.g. floor rumble, tape hiss etc.
Highly accurate 8-digit LED input/output metering and input gain control for easy level setting
Ultra low-noise audio operational amplifiers offer outstanding sound performance
Relay-controlled hard-bypass with an auto-bypass function during power failure (failsafe relay)
Servo-balanced inputs and outputs with 1/4" TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors
High-quality illuminated 45 mm faders, detent potentiometers and illuminated switches for long-term reliability
Shielded toroidal power transformer for ultra low-noise performance
Extremely rugged all-metal chassis ensures long life even under the most demanding conditions


Proel HPC210

Proel HPC210

Ефект за китара и бас , Мултиефект процесор за китара


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Каталожна цена:145.95лв.
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Hohner Alabama Blues C-major

Hohner Alabama Blues C-major

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