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DYNACORD PowerSub 315

Каталожна цена:4,811.34лв.
Отстъпка:240.57лв. (5.00%)
Тегло: 45.000 кг
Код: Sub 315

15'' Active Subwoofer, 1000W with built in amplifiers 2x500@4 Ohm and active crossovers for satelite speakers

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The active 15” subwoofer PowerSub 315 with four integrated digital power amps provides total output power of 2000W and has been designed for the quick and easy set-up of subwoofer satellite systems.
Subwoofer satellite systems normally employ a center woofer system and satellite cabinets on the left and right sides. DYNACORD’s PowerSub 315 provides an additional output for the connection of external subwoofers, for it to be equally used in active stereo applications employing up to two additional external subwoofers.
While using DYNACORD D 12 12” 2-way systems as satellite cabinets is recommended, the PowerSub 315’s switch able integrated active crossover allows matching the PowerSub 315 to smaller or bigger satellite systems (e.g. DYNACORD LM 8-2 or F150) or to any other suitable speaker system. The PowerSub 315 offers connection for a total of up to four 8 ohms satellite speakers and up to two additional passive 8 ohms subwoofers (e.g. DYNACORD SUB 115). Power amp output capacity is automatically distributed to the connected speaker systems when switching between operation modes using the ‚MODE‘ switch on the rear of the appliance. Four castors, two carrying handles and an integrated pole-mount stand fl ange facilitate transport and set-up of center subwoofer and stereo satellite systems.

Amplifier PowerSub (switchable to 2 x 500 W / 4 Ohms) 1000 W / 8 Ohms
Amplifi er Power MID-HIGH 2 x 500 W / 4 Ohms
SPL 1W/1m 99 dB
Max. SPL 1m (calculated) 129 dB
Sub Transducer LFS 1008 (364 853)
Switchable X-Over Frequencies 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 160 Hz
Dimensions W x H x D 464 x 601 x 660 mm
Weight 45 kg

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