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Superlux HD330

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Код: HD330

Audiophile Headphones

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The HD330 is a semi-open dynamic audiophile headphone suitable for most kinds of music. The accurate sound profile and comfortable headband make the HD330 the perfect headphone for both the music enthusiast and the professional recording engineer. With a carefully tailored frequency response and enhanced bass, the HD330 offers a bass punch and excellent clarity of sound with a natural and balanced character. Soft earpads and adjustable, sliding earpieces, together with a single-sided connecting cable, ensure listening comfort during long-term use. A sturdy plastic storage box ensures secure protection during transportation.


• Dynamic, semi-open headphones
• Enhanced bass
• Natural and well-balanced sound pro?le
• Ultra-detailed high and mid-range reproduction
• Durable headband construction with optimized pressure
• Single sided cable


• Monitoring
• Music and entertainment


• Type: Dynamic , semi-open
• Driver: Ф 40 mm, neodymium
• Sensitivity: 96dB SPL (1mW)
• Frequency Response: 10-30,000Hz
• Max. Input Power: 100mW
• Rated Impedance: 150 Ohm
• Ear Pads: Leatherette
• Cable: 3-meter (9.8 ft.) coiled, single-sided cable
• Connector: Screw-on gold plated stereo mini plug
• Headphone Caliper Pressure: Approx. 6 N
• Net Weight (with cable): 300 g (10.58 oz)


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