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 Jem FOG Compact Hazer Pro

Jem FOG Compact Hazer Pro

Банков превод цена:1,811.03лв.
Тегло: 9.000 кг
Код: Compact Hazer Pro

Robust yet small and lightweight, the Jem Compact Hazer Pro is a versatile haze machine designed for the highly demanding professional market.

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Its ability to produce exceptional atmospheric haze effects in a short period of time while operating at low noise levels make it ideal for nearly any application from shows and events to theatre, TV studios, clubs, cruise ships, theme parks and more.

• Finest haze production in its class

• Small particle, even haze

• 900 W Heat exchanger

• Continuous output

• 1 minute heat up time

• Water-based fluid with long hang time

• Low noise

• Lightweight

• Optical Density Timer Control system (ODTC)

• Variable haze and fan controls with 5% increments

• 2.5 liter fluid capacity

• Max operating time at min output (2.5 L) - 70 hours

• Sealed fluid system for transportation

• Advanced Pump Technology (APT)

• Shutdown with automatic start-up cleaning mode (if shutdown not performed correctly)

• Shutdown button prevents clogging

• RDM ready

• On-board DMX 5pin

• User-friendly on-board control panel

• Digital remote control option

• Optional flying kit and air director

• Length: 532 mm (20.9 in.)
• Width: 224 mm (8.8 in.)
• Height: 278 mm (10.9 in.)
• Dry weight: 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs.)

Compatible Fluids: Jem C-Plus Haze Fluid only
• C-Plus Haze Fluid, 2.5 ltr.
• C-Plus Haze Fluid, 2.5 gal./9.5 ltr.

Optional Accessories:
• JEM Compact Hazer Pro Remote Control P/N 92765040
• Air Diverter P/N 92625011
• Flying Kit P/N 92610003


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