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Numark M8

Каталожна цена:567.05лв.
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Тегло: 6.000 кг
Код: M8

Four channels to mix, match and effect all your music.

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Regardless of your source material, the M8 mixer should be at the heart of your rig. Mix vinyl, CDs, a microphone or any other line-level audio source with the M8 four-channel DJ mixer. There's even an RCA input right on top so you can easily connect the portable music player of your choice, or even your smartphone as a playback source.


The M8 mixer doesn't stop with simple mixing, it has built-in dedicated three-band EQ controls for custom shaping the music anytime on any mix. Create on-the-fly remixes and stunning song transitions by engaging M8's high-quality, beat synced effects. Incorporate a vocalist or pump-up the audience yourself with the dedicated microphone channel with XLR input, independent gain control and EQ. BeatKeeper™ technology automatically detects a song's BPM for seamless crossfades from track to track.


Housed in tough sheet-metal and built like a tank, M8 is designed to withstand the most raucous performances and still make the next night's gig. If you're looking to add dimension to your DJing, the M8 is just the right move.


Top Panel RCA input for portable MP3 Players
Beatkeeper™ BPM detection to create precise mixes between songs
Beat-synced effects including: Delay, Filter, Flanger, Pan & more
Crossfader with channel assign switches
Dedicated XLR microphone input with Gain & EQ
Two phono line inputs for connecting turntables
Five RCA line inputs
Balanced XLR outputs
Master, Booth, and Record RCA line outputs


M8 Mixer
Quickstart Guide
Safety Manual
Power Cord

Unbalanced Output: +16dBV
Balanced output: +22dBV
SNR: >92DB (A-weighted) for all paths from line inputs to output.
>80DB (A-weighted) for all paths from phono inputs to output.
>80DB (A-weighted) for all paths from MIC inputs to output.

THD+N: <0.01% for all line inputs

Frequency Response:
Line: Flat +/- 1 dB 20Hz-20kHz
Phono: RIAA curve +/- 2 dB plus anti-rumble


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