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Усилвател , Усилвател до 850-2000 Watt (4 ohm)

APart Audio CHAMP-3D

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Тегло: 16.000 кг

Усилвател с 3 канала 2x367W  / 4 Ohm, 1x1340W / 2 Ohm

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CHAMP-3D is a 3-channel, fully programmable digital amplifier. With the same advantages as the other models in APart's series of convection cooled amplifiers and much more: a built-in DSP, a fully parametric 4-band equalizer and RS-232 control of all essential functions. Genuine Hypex ®amplifier modules at the core of the unit for a superior sound quality. And a loudspeaker wizard for quick and easy set up with APart loudspeakers. Are you ready for the future?
CHAMP-3D has the same advantages as the other models in APart's CHAMP series. The 3-channel amplifier is convection cooled, thus eliminating the need for a fan. The result is a totally quiet amplifier, but also there is no risk of an amplifier failure because the fan is clogged up by dust or grease.
• Versatile power center: for all medium to mid-sized applications up to 2100 Watts
• High End Hypex®class D amplifier modules with a high damping factor
• Dynamic program power per channel - left/right amp: 367 Watts @ 4 Ohm
• Dynamic program power subwoofer channel: 1340 Watts @ 2 Ohm
• Sine wave power subwoofer channel: 1100Watts @ 2 Ohm
• Load impedance: left/right amp: 2.7 Ohm; sub amp: 2 Ohm
• Input channels: 2 x balanced XLR male, 2 x balanced XLR Female, 2 x balanced Euroblock
• Input sensitivity: 0 dBV
• S/N ratio: >90dB A weighted
• THD L/R amp: <0.1% @ 100W/4Ohm/1kHz A weighted
• THD sub amp: <0.1% @500W/2Ohm/80kHz A weighted
• Frequency Response: 10Hz – 24kHz +0/-3 dB
• Analog/digital volume control
• Built-in DSP
• Crossover : Linkwitz-Riley and Butterworth 12 to 48 dB/oct or 6 dB/ Oct first order filter
• Subsonic filter: 48 dB/oct, between 10 and 80 Hz, defeatable
• Channel separation: >80dB @ 1kHz
• Damping factor: > 400 all channels
• APC system: internal compressor and clip limiter, auto gain circuit
• Mains operating voltage: 230VAC/50-60Hz
• Dimensions: 483 x 89 x 380 mm (WxHxD) (without feet, incl. rack ears)
• Net weight: 16 kg


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