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dB Technologies OPERA 402D

dB Technologies OPERA 508 DX

Каталожна цена:699.41лв.
Отстъпка:34.97лв. (5.00%)
Тегло: 7.500 кг
Код: OPERA 402D

2 way active speaker 8"/1" 400W

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Welcome to the new Opera DX line.oaded with a powerful, custom-engineered 8“ woofer, the compact Opera 508DX enclosure is fine-tuned for warm, natural-sounding response. It renders speech and vocals with great authenticity and excels as a satellite, for example, when paired with the SUB12D subwoofer. Specifications Technical data Speaker Type 2-Way Active Speaker Acoustical data Frequency Response [-10dB] 67 - 20.000 Hz Frequency Response [+/- 3dB] 78 - 19.000 Hz Max SPL 121 dB HF 1 " Type HF Compression driver Directivity 80/65 x 60 ° Horn Asymmetrical CD Horn LF 8 " Amplifier Amp Technology digipro Amp Class Class D Power PRG 400 W Cooling Convection Processor Controller DSP 24bit/48kHz System Presets Flat, Processed Limiter Dual Active Peak, RMS, Thermal Input Section Signal Input 1x XLR 1x 6.3mm phone jack Microphone Input Yes Signal Output 1x XLR 1x 6.3mm phone jack Power Socket VDE Voltage Range 240 V Mechanics Housing Polyporpylen PP Housing Design Multifunctional Color Black Handles 1x on top Pole Mount 36mm Angles Up Monitor use 43 ° Front Grille Metall, 1.2mm with acoustical foam Rigging Points No Flytracks No Width 300 mm (12 in) Height 484 mm (19.36 in) Depth 284 mm (11.36 in) Weight 7,9 kg (15.43 lbs
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