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APart Audio SUB2400

Банков превод цена:929.41лв.
Тегло: 24.000 кг
Код: SUB2400

Пасивен събуфър 2x10 "2x400W, черно, бяло

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The APart SUB2400 is a white Tandem Driven passive bandpass subwoofer. It completes your sound with an incredibly deep and loud kick-bass. The cabinet is made out of birch multiplex for extra strength and durability.The black version is equipped with a 35 mm metal pole mount adapter on top, allowing stands for placing top cabinets.

This subwoofer has two bandpass chambers where each chamber is equipped with a 10” dual coil woofer. Together with the push-pull technology this results in a relative small cabinet with a huge output and very low distortion. Thanks to the small size of the woofers, less mass has to be moved. Therefore, the bass reproduction is a lot more “punchy” and “quicker” compared to 15” or 18” cabinets. The SUB2400 has been compared with a single 15” (150 liter) and 18” (200 liter) subwoofer and the results were astonishing in favour of the SUB-2400! The Apart SUB2400 has great power handling and an extreme transient response.
This subwoofer can be driven in 4 Ohm or 16 Ohm mode. Selection is done by the big switch at the back of the subwoofer. Especially with long cable runs, the 16 ohm mode is advised. Less power is lost and the bass response will be a lot better. The 16 Ohm mode also allows you to use multiple cabinets.
Together with the MASK6 or MASK8 cabinet speakers and the 3 channel amplifier (CHAMP-3D) you get a perfect and fail-safe sound system that is suitable for bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, taverns, ..., where often "dance level" music is required.

• Type: passive opti-tuned bandpass
• Cabinet: birch multiplex
• Woofer: 2x10" long Xmax, Rocker up 4 Ohm, Rocker down 16 Ohm

• RMS Power:
AES Rated: 2 x 300 Watt
Music-Program: 2 x 400 Watt
Dynamic Peak: 2 x 600 Watt

• Protection System: Auto Reset
• SPL 1Watt/1m: 99 dB
• SPL Max peak: 133 dB
• Frequency Range: 45-150 Hz
• Inputs: 1 x speakon 16 Ohm or link 4 Ohm by switch
• Outputs: 1 x speakon link
• Dimensions: 700h x 352w x 450d mm


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