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AKG C 520 L

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Код: C 520 L

Head-worn microphone with continuously adjustable behind-the-neck headband

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Head-worn microphone with continuously adjustable behind-the-neck headband
External shock mount for high mechanical-noise rejection
Miniature gooseneck for precise positioning near the user’s mouth
Microphone arm provides choice of left or right-hand use
Head-worn condenser microphone with maximum dynamic range for perfect vocal sound. Its cardioid polar pattern effectively rejects unwanted ambient noise. An ideal choice for frontmen, singing keyboardists, drummers, guitarists, and dancers. The microphone arm mounts either on the left or right side of the headband as desired. The C 520 provides the perfect solution for any performer needing a handsfree microphone.

A transducer shock mount reduces handling noise to a minimum. The moisture shield prevents perspiration from penetrating into the transducer element,ensuring a high degree of humidity protection for the microphone.


C 520 for external phantom powering
C 520 L for use with the B 29 L battery power supply, AKG WMS Series bodypack transmitters, or the MPA V L adapter for external phantom powering.

Polar pattern cardioid
Frequency range 60 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity 5 mV/Pa (-46 dBV)
Max. SPL 130 dB/132 dB (for THD = 1 %/3 %)
Equivalent noise level 31 dB-A
Signal/noise ratio (A-weighted) 63 dB
Impedance <= 200 ohms
Recommended load impedance >= 2000 ohms
Power requirement 9 to 52 V phantom power to DIN 45596 or battery powering from B 29 L, or AKG bodypack transmitter
Connector C 520: 3-pin male XLR; C 520 L: 3-pin mini XLR
Cable C 520: 3 m; C 520 L:
Finish matte black
Dimensions length: 195 mm (microphone only); max. diameter: 134 mm
Net weight 26 g
Shipping weight C 520: 380 g ; C 520 L: 260 g

- W 44 Windscreen

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