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AKG C 516 ML

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Код: C 516 ML

Cardioid instrument microphone with miniature mounting bracket
High mechanical-noise attenuation, Including wireless direct adapter for easy use with AKG pocket transmitters, Detachable microphone cable

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Ideal for miking up accordions and guitar, piano, keyboard, or organ amplifiers
Lightweight cardioid miniature microphone for use on accordions, guitar speakers, piano and keyboard/organ cabinets. The included screws and double-sided, solvent-free adhesive pads make it easy to install the microphone on your instrument or amp exactly where you need it.

Using two C 516 MLs (one on the bass and one on the treble side) and an optional B 29 L battery power supply is an ideal way to mic up an accordion.

The C 516 ML is the only version available and can be used with the B 29 L battery power supply, AKG WMS Series bodypack transmitters, or the MPA V L adapter for external phantom powering. The unique adapter plate A 400 allows easy attachment of the AKG pocket transmitters.

Polar pattern cardiod
Frequency range 60 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity 5 mV/Pa (-46 dBV)
Max. SPL 130/132 dB SPL (bei k = 1 %/3 %)
Equivalent noise level 31 dB(A)
Signal/noise ratio (A-weighted) 63 dB
Impedance <= 200 ohms
Recommended load impedance >= 2000 ohms
Powering <= 2 mA
Power requirement B 29 L battery power supply, MPA V L phantom adapter, AKG WMS bodypack transmitters
Connector 3-pin mini XLR
Cable 1.5 m (5 ft.)
Finish matte black
Dimensions length: 235 mm (microphone only); max. width: 47 mm
Net weight 46 g (microphone and cable)
Shipping weight 320 g
- 2 double-sided adhesive rubber plates
- 3 countersunk bolts (3 x 30 mm)
- 3 self-tapping screws (2.9 x 13 mm)
- A 400 Adapter
- Adhesive compound
- H 516 Mount plate
- Protective bag
- W 44 Windscreen


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