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Ефект за китара и бас , Мултиефект процесор за китара

LINE6 Bass PODxt

Каталожна цена:474.10лв.
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Тегло: 1.500 кг
Код: Bass PODxt

Direct floor bass preamplifier

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28 classic and modern amp models, and 22 cabinet models
50 must-have stompbox, studio, and synth effects with flexible routing (6 simultaneous)
24-bit converters and 32-bit floating point processing create a killer tone, delivered through discrete processed & DI outputs with the ability to mix the direct signal into the modeled output

Effects Models based on*:

Urei LA-2A® Compressor Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man
Mutron III Maestro® EP-1 Echoplex
Arbiter® Fuzz Face Roland® RE-101 Space Echo
Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff Pi® And many more Line 6 originals:
Ibanez® Tubescreamer® Bass Overdrive
ProCo Rat Bronze Master
Tycobrahe Octavia Deluxe Chorus
Boss® CS-1 Compressor Deluxe Flanger
MXR® Dynacomp Spring, Plate, Room & Chamber Reverb
A/DA Flanger Sub-Octave
MXR® Phase 90 Wah Pedal
Mesa/Boogie® 400+ and more...
Boss® CE-1 Chorus
Vibratone Rotary Speaker
Opto and Bias Tremolo
Boss® DM-2 Analog Delay
Chromatic Tuner
Bass PODXT 's built-in Chromatic Tuner offers precision tuning at the touch of a button. Audio Mute or Bypass options with an adjustable tuning reference are featured as well as hands-free operation when used with the FBV™ series foot controllers.
Precision Chromatic Tuning
Audio Mute
Hands-free Operation (with optional FBV and FBV Shortboard foot controllers)


Proel HPC210

Proel HPC210

Ефект за китара и бас , Мултиефект процесор за китара


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Hohner Alabama Blues C-major

Hohner Alabama Blues C-major

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