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Ефект за китара и бас , Мултиефект процесор за китара


Каталожна цена:859.62лв.
Отстъпка:42.98лв. (5.00%)
Тегло: 3.000 кг
Код: X3 Pro

Professional 19" guitar, bass and vocal preamp with amp and speaker modelling (78 amps & 24 cabinets for guitar, 98 pedal and studio effects, 28 amps & 22 cabinets for bass, 6 preamp models for voice)

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POD X3 Pro is the powerful Dual Tone processor that comes fully loaded with amp and effect models for recording guitar, bass and vocals. In addition, a comprehensive array of inputs and outputs provide seamless integration into professional recording and performance rigs.
Like all members of the POD X3 family, POD X3 Pro offers powerful Dual Tone modeling and routing options. Split your single-input guitar or bass signal through two different amp and effect chains simultaneously to create gorgeous new hybrids, or use its dual inputs to individually process two instrumentsa€”a microphone and a guitar, for examplea€”at the same time.
Computer-based studios will want to exploit the USB 2.0 connectivity provided by POD X3 Pro for multi-channel recording as well as its S/PDIF or AES/EBU Stereo Digital Audio I/O for sending a direct digital signal to their DAWs. For additional recording and processing flexibility, POD X3 Pro also includes software plug-in functionality for integration with DAW recording applications.
The comprehensive analog and digital inputs make POD X3 Pro perfect for a wide range of recording and performance scenarios. It features:
- Dual 1/4 in. instrument inputs
- Dual XLR microphone inputs (with phantom power, trim controls and low-cut filters)
- Stereo 1/4 in. line inputs
- S/PDIF digital input
- AES/EBU digital input
- Variax Digital Interface (VDI)
POD X3 Pro also supports a comprehensive set of outputs for delivering processed bass, guitar and vocals to recording and performance rigs. Output choices include:
- Stereo unbalanced 1/4 in. outputs
- Stereo balanced XLR outputs (mic or line level)
- Multi-channel USB 2.0
- S/PDIF digital output
- AES/EBU digital output

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