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American DJ Velocity

American DJ Velocity

Тегло: 7.200 кг
Код: Velocity

AMERICAN AUDIO VELOCITYMP3 Professionl dual mp3/cd player

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American Audio's new generation of the legendary VELOCITY now comes with added MP3 features. This new DJ-Powertool carries 9 on-board effects, seamless loop, tempo lock, folder search, frame searching, 100% Pitch, Faderstart and a lot of more great features enabling the DJ to perform live with interactive effects. Complete your DJ set up with the dual cd player that plays MP3s as well as normal CDs to expand your current music catalog even more.

•Plays MP3, CD & CD-R discs
•Display show track listing and artist when a MP3 disc is played
•Advanced cueing with track searching by frame (not by each second)
•Quick MP3/CD recognition
•Folder Search
•"PowerTouch", Touch sensitive interactive jog wheels (Patent pending)
•Digital Scratching 2.0 (Accurate Scratching)
•2 Scratching modes: Digital Scratch mode, Beat Juggle mode
•9 On-board FX: Scratch, Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan, Bop
•Effect layering
•Digital B.P.M. counter: keeps digital FX in sync with music
•6 Preset Parameters settings for each FX
•Tempo Lock (Master Tempo)
•Lock out mode (Security feature)
•Parameter Ratio adjustment knob
•Parameter Time adjustment knob
•Pitch Bend: 4%, 8%, or 16%
•"Hyper" Pitch (up to 100%)
•3 Flash Start Sampler Buttons per side (7 second sample per button with or without a CD in drive)
•Flash Cue
•Front slot load Dual CD Player
•Anti-shock memory
•Instant start
•Seamless loop
•Fader Q Start
•Volume control between music and sampler
•Mixer between music and sampler, can adjust pitches separately
•FX MIX on the fly
•Auto cue function (-48dB)
•3 sampler (cues) can be memorized
•Selectable elapsed, remain and total remain time display
•Single/continuous play
•Flip Flop (Relay playback between two decks)
•Headphone output with volume control SPECIFICATIONS:
•Dimensions (WxHxD): MAIN UNIT: 19 x 3.5 x 10 / 482 x 88.8x 251mm (2 rack spaces) CONTROL UNIT: 19? x 7? x 2? / 4


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