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Denon DN-X 600

Тегло: 5.000 кг
Код: DN-X600

The Denon DN-X600 is a highly spec’d 2-channel performance mixer, optimised for both traditional vinyl techniques and the latest digital media and computer DJ systems, that offers levels of technology and performance comparable with Denon’s flagship 4-channel models. Solid steel chassis construction, professional grade components and powerful USB MIDI capabilities make this a robust gigging tool, equally at home in the booth or the studio.

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• 24 bit 96kHz USB2.0 Audio Interface (Soundcard) 4in/4out (stereo)

• DVS direct mode (CD/Vinyl) for DJ applications using platter control signal operation (timecode)

• Fully MIDI Mappable control surface (knobs, keys and buttons)

• Intuitive On-board DSP Effects area with independent Send assignment (Ch/ Mic/Master)

• Delay, Echo, Flanger, Filter, Reverb, Loop, Beat Scratch, BeatBreaker

• Internal 32-bit Floating DSP Processing and 32-Bit DAC Output for best pos­sible sound

• MAC OSX 10.6.4 and 32/64-bit Windows XP/Vista/Win7 Compatible

• Low latency 32/64 Bit ASIO driver for PC included

• Send/Return control -for use with external effectors

• USB Send/Return routing -for use with DJ software DSP effects such as Traktor

• USB MIDI Clock In BPM Detection -for use with, Traktor, Torq, Ableton, Cubase...etc

• Powerful 2-way EFX Parameter Filter:

1) Cross Over (filter)

2) Isolator (Low pass filter/ High pass filter)

• Matrix Input Assignment Selector Knob

• Selectable PFL input gain & program meters

• Split Cue function with Cue/Master pan knob

• Phono Amp with high S/N ratio, equivalent to Denon Hifi products

• Ultra clean Mic Amp to realize a studio console class’ low noise level (EIN -126dBu)

• High sound quality high output Headphone Amplifier

• 45mm High Performance Flex Fader (cross fader) w/tension adjust

• Innofader Pro compatible (for cross fader) *see Audio Innovate for more info

• 45mm custom Alps type Channel Faders

• Unique 32-point Cross Fader Contour adjustment
and more...


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