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dB Technologies PU 903-M

Каталожна цена:560.52лв.
Отстъпка:16.82лв. (3.00%)
Тегло: 1.200 кг
Код: PU 903-M

Wireless UHF microphone system with handheld transmitter

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Based on the successful PU 901 line, the PU 903 provides a high-quality wireless connection that is easy to use and very reliable. It also offers an extended range and is less susceptible to interference from DVB-T signals. This is a tremendous advantage over other wireless systems in its class, especially in view of terrestrial digital TV’s growing popularity.

The PU 903 series boasts unique features for this price range such as digital pilot tone squelch for eliminating RF interference and a battery status LED on the receiver. With advanced appointments like this, it is well suited for a wide variety of applications. The ability to send a digital pilot tone and detach antennas equipped with BNC connectors makes the PU 903 series a great choice for multichannel systems, for example, in combination with the active AS 6W antenna splitter.


Technical data

Frequency Band UHF
Diversity Yes
Frequencies 16
Switchable Frequencies Yes
Available Frequency Band Band LW2: 639.000 - 661.125
Band UG1: 790.250 - 812.575
Band UG2: 838.250 - 850.075 MHz
Simultanious Systems In Use Up to 8 systems
Handheld Transmitter

LED's 1x Battery Status
Capsule TGX 58 ® Beyerdynamics capsul
Characteristics Super Cardioid
Housing Plastics/Metall
Antenna External
Operation One Switch-System, Mute, On-Off
Battery Type 2x AAA
Battery capacity 10-13 h
Pocket Transmitter

LED's Peak signal LED, Battery status LED
Antenna external
Operation Input gain control, On/Mute
Signal Input 3.5 mm jack
High Impedance Input Version 903 G with VH 806
Phantom Power 5 V
Battery Type 9V block
Battery capacity 10-13 h
Receiver Unit

LED's Digital squelch control LED
Battery status LED
Detachable Antenna Yes
Signal Output 1x XLR, sym.
Power Socket External AC/DC

Housing Metall, Plastics
Installation Standard 1 HU
Rack Size 9.5 "

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