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Martin Atomic Colors

Тегло: 2.500 кг
Код: Atomic Colors

The Atomic Colors is a dedicated add-on unit for the Martin Atomic 3000 DMX strobe. This unit enhances the versatility of the Atomic 3000 DMX by adding the extra dimension of color changes that can be controlled and programmed with any standard DMX controller.

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Color changing is achieved by moving (or scrolling) a string of colored ‘gels’ (theatrical grade, plastic color media) in front of the strobe unit. A processor controlled, low voltage DC motor drives the movement of the gel string, with the processor receiving instructions from a lighting controller. The internal processor also determines the positions of the individual colors and controls the speed of the cooling fans. The lighting controller can be any device that outputs the widely used USITT DMX (1990) data protocol

The Atomic Colors requires an external power supply that is not included. Standard scroller power supplies are available in various unit sizes. Each Atomic Colors requires one unit of power. The size of power supply required is dependant on how many Atomic Colors you are using.

The scroller power supply combines the low voltage and the DMX data for the Atomic Colors in a special four-wire cable with XLR-4 connectors. The Atomic Colors features a ‘through’ XLR-4 connector that allows multiple units to be connected in a ‘daisy-chain’ to a single external power supply.

The Atomic Colors comes with one string containing 10 colors plus clear.

• 1 gel string included with 10 colors plus clear

• Quiet fan cooling

• Multiple modes, e.g. gel saver mode, action mode and monitor mode

• Safety wire

• MPU-02 or MPU-08 for powering either 2 or 8 Atomic Colors

• On board memory with monitor and resetting

• DMX control

• DMX address via display

• Length: 470 mm (18.5 in.)
• Width: 273 mm (10.7 in.)
• Height: 102 mm (4.0 in.)
• Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.)
• Color gel thickness: 0.075 mm (0.003 in.) - 0.125 mm (0.005 in.)


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