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Jem FOG Club Smoke - 2 heads

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Тегло: 10.000 кг
Код: Club Smoke

2 Heads for Club Smoke 220/240V

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Magnum Club Smoke is a unique twin-headed fog package with a remote, ground based fluid supply. The two compact fog heads (each with a 1000 W heater) deliver a continuous, high volume of dense white fog.

This split system allows the heads to be installed in inaccessible areas such as high trussing, club ceilings or under floors.

The 10 liter fluid supply and pump system can be positioned in a more convenient location such as the DJ booth or storage cupboard. This guarantees no more high wire, mid-show refills.

Specifically designed for club installations, Magnum Club Smoke has a rapid heat up time of just 7 minutes and can create a continuous, dense fog output.

A Multifunctional Remote Control and a Direct Thermal Protection Device ensure Magnum Club Smoke runs with a safe, effortless ease.

Magnum Club Smoke is DMX compatible (on service module) and a sturdy "U" bracket allows the head to be mounted at any angle.

• Base unit allows heads to be positioned up to 50 meters away

• Up to 4 heads in one system

• Continuous output

• 500 m3/min fog output (per head)

• 1000 W heat exchanger

• 7 min heat-up time

• Truss mounting

• 10 liter fluid capacity

• Different fluid options for different applications

• Onboard DMX

• Multifunctional remote control

• Length (Head): 330 mm (13.0 in.)
• Width (Head): 310 mm (12.2 in.)
• Height (Head): 165 mm (6.5 in.)
• Dry Weight (Head): 10 kg (22.0 lbs.)

• Max. fog output (approx.): 500 m3 per minute per head
• Max. operating time at full output (approx.): 71 minutes (full 4-head system)
• Operating time: Continuous, automatic level adjustment
• Warm-up time (approx.): 7 minutes
• Fluid consumption at peak output: 100 ml per minute, per head

• Pro Smoke Studio (DX Mix) fluid
• Pro Smoke Super (ZR Mix) fluid
• Pro Smoke Super (Fragranced) fluid
• Pro Smoke High Density (SP Mix) fluid
• I-fog fluid

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