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ETC SmartPack 615 SP, Terminals

ETC SmartPack 615 SP, Terminals

Банков превод цена:3,958.28лв.
Тегло: 30.000 кг
Код: 615 SP, Terminals

6 channel Rack-mount dimmer pack, 15A(3.2kW) per channel, Hardwired w. Terminals, Single Pole

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Responding to the needs of the portable dimming industry, ETC brings the Sensor level of technology to portable dimmer packs with the introduction of SmartPack. The SmartPack line of portable dimmer packs is designed to provide thyristor-based, professional quality dimming in a rugged 19-inch 2U rack mount package. Available with six 15A dimmers, six 20A dimmers or twelve 10A dimmers, SmartPack is the simple-to-use lighting-control solution for small theatres or roadshow applications; bands, DJ's, or danceclubs; nightclub acts, school and church programs. SmartPack is DMX512A compatible, RDM-ready and a whole lot more. With the built-in presets and sequencer, SmartPack can run on its own for permanent displays and presentations, no need for a console. The sequencer makes it easy to program sophisticated fade and wait times directly from the face panel. Once programmed, the Auto-Restart option allows for completely unattended operation day after day. With a wide range of output panels available and multi-language capability as standard, SmartPack is ready to travel. Be ready to go, ready for anything.

• 19-inch 2U rack mount
• True thyristor reliability based on Sensor™ technology
• Compact design
• Rugged steel industrial enclosure
• Ultra-quiet variable speed cooling fan.
• All magnetic, fully rated circuit breakers
• Capable of dimming multiple load types
• DMX addressing via keypad
• Soft patch any dimmer to anyDMX channel
• RDM-ready
• 32 programmable presets
• Sequencer with programmable fade and hold times allows stand-alone operation
• Auto-Restart function returns unit to previous state/running sequence, when power is cycled
• Control-power switch puts unit in stand-by mode
• Non-volatile Flash preset storage
• Five selectable dimmer output curves
• Adjustable Pre-Heat
• Multi-language capability

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