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Selecon HUI Flood 1

Selecon HUI Flood 1

Тегло: 4.100 кг
Код: HUI Flood 1

12HUIFLD1SCH HUI Flood Single - maximum 800W lamp R7s (118mm), supplied with schuko plug Luminaire shipped with colour frame, 1x M12 suspension bolt set and instruction leaflet

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Luminaire shipped with colour frame, 1x M12 suspension bolt set and instruction leaflet

The HUI Flood range provides a 90° flood beam with well-controlled edges and even distribution; ideal for lighting cycs and back cloths up to 5m high for permanent installations (G-multi connector / in-out wiring) or rental / production temporary installations.
The light beam can be shaped using the barndoor accessory.

• The HUI range uses either the 800W P2/11 lamp or the standard 300W K9 or 500W K1 THD lamps(118mm).
• Make your own battens using the HUI slot lock joint system that allows a number of units to be locked together.
• Makes a very effective groundrow. Simply reverse the colour cassette by removing the two screw pivot hinges. Add screw jack feet for adjustment.
• Relamp without having to remove the filter or break focus.
• Filter holder is held captive by spring hinged extruded cover that also blocks unwanted light spill.
• One handed operation only required to focus, change filters etc.
• Mains Power Disconnect - microswitches isolate the mains supply when opening to relamp (phase and neutral) protecting against a student or technician inserting a lamp into a live socket.
• Safety glass ensures that in the unlikely event of a lamp exploding that the remains are held captive within the luminaire.
• Shape the beam and contain glare with the four-door barndoor accessory – fits all models.

• 800W P2/11 24,000 lumens 150hrs average life
• 500W K1 9,900 lumens 2,000hrs average life
• 300W K9 5,600 lumens 2,000hrs average life
• 200W K11 3,520 lumens 2,000hrs average life

• Weight: 4.1kg
• Size: 355 x 179 x 288mm
• Colour Frame Size: 265mm x 203mm


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